Redfish Frenzy Trip

Check out our video of a Redfish Frenzy starting at 2:15, featured on Paradise Louisiana Episode 863. 

What we catch



  • Redfish are a fun catch and put up a great fight and they taste good too!

Bull Redfish


  • A Bull Redfish is a Red that was lucky enough to grow up to make it to Bull status.

Speckled Trout


  • Speckled trout are somewhat seasonal but local favorite and they taste great fried.

Redfish Commercial 15 seconds

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A great day on the water starts here!

When it comes to putting our clients on fish, New Orleans Fishing Charters  promises their best efforts will exceed your expectations.   Captain L.J. will have you out on the water and filling up the ice chest  in no-time! 

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